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About CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal)

The establishment of such Administrative Tribunals to deal exclusively with service matters was expected to go a long way toward not only reducing the burden on the various Courts and thus giving them more time to deal with other cases, but also providing quick relief to those covered by the Administrative Tribunals. This was the motive of setting up such a tribunal. To know in detail about the Tribunal, Central Administrative Tribunal, its Benches, and history of Central Administrative Act, 1985 read it thoroughly.

“The Central Administrative Tribunal had been established under Article 323 – A of the Constitution for adjudication of disputes and complaints with respect to recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to public services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or other authorities under the control of the Government.”

It is the correct definition of the Central Administrative Tribunal in actual terms. However, the vast majority of us find it difficult to understand. So, to make it easier to grasp, a modified version of this definition may look like this:

The Central Administrative Tribunal is a body formed to give formal judgement on concerns related to public service conditions and recruitment. Some people might have confusion in understanding the concept of tribunals and may take it into account similar to court. But both of them are different. Later on in the topic, we will go through this in further detail. But first we should have a look at the benefits of establishing such a body.

Our Service Matters Services Includes:

1 Disciplinary Action

2 Suspension & Termination

3 Retirement

4 Increment and Arrears

5 Date of Brith Litigation

6 Termination Without Notice of Private Employees.

7 Pension Matters


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