Best Matrimonial Lawyer in Delhi

Best Matrimonial Lawyer in Delhi

Are you searching for Best Matrimonial Lawyer in Delhi? If yes, then you are at right place. Hiring Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi is important for smooth separation. Our team of Best Divorce lawyers in Delhi makes the mutual Divorce very easy. Whether you need Best lady divorce lawyer in Delhi or female divorce lawyer in Delhi, we have in our team. Your search for following popular searches also ends here:

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Divorce Lawyer Delhi

The Legal Process for Divorce depends upon type of Divorce. Whether it’s consented or mutual can take time for the process. Moreover, Divorce cases with child custody takes longer time than others. But no worries, we have team to make the process easier for you.

Divorce Though Mutal consent: It is a legal process where both husband and wife mutually agree for divorce and willing to terminate the marriage legally as per agreed terms. The mutual divorce petition is jointly submitted by both.

Withdraw of Content: The mutual Consent for Divorce given can be withdrawn by either husband or wife even after expiration of stipulated 18 months period. In this case a decree for Divorce is not granted.

Cruelty: Cruelty can be physical or mental. According to Hindu Divorce law in India, if any spouse has a reasonable apprehension in the mind that other spouse’s conduct is likely to be injurious, then there is a ground for separation and divorce.

Other Ground where spouse can seek divorce are:

1 Dessertion

2 Conversion

3 Mental Disorder

4 Renunciation of the world

5 presumption of Death

Documents required to file Divorce in India

1 Address proof of petitioner

2 Affidavit of income and expenditure.

3 Marriage Certificate

4 Passport Size Photographs

Matrimonial Laws in India

1 Indian Divorce Act under 1869

2 Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

3 Special Marriage Act, 1954

4 Muslim Marriage Act , 1957

5 Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872

6 Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939

7 Foreign Marriage Act, 1959

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Divorce Lawyer in Delhi FAQ

No,you can't . You can only Marry after 6 months from date of grand of divorce.

Depending you case, after looking every aspect , Honorable Court Decides in the interest and welfare of Child for child's custody.

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